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Minutes of Littleton Water and Light Meetings

The Board meets on the first and third Monday of each month. Meetings begin at 1:00 p.m. and are held in the department conference room at 65 Lafayette Ave, Littleton. Board meetings are open to the public and time is allotted for public comments at each meeting.

Minutes for 2023

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Regular Meeting Jun 5, 2023

The regularly scheduled business meeting of the Littleton Water and Light (LWL) Board of Commissioners (BOC) began at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, June 5, 2023 in the LWL conference room. Present were Commissioner Linda MacNeil, Commissioner Ralph Ross, Commissioner Peter Cooper, Director of Finance Lori Hogan and Superintendent Thomas Considine.


The minutes of the May 15, 2023 regularly scheduled Commissioners meeting were reviewed. Commissioner Ross made a motion to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Commissioner Cooper.

The vote was in favor of the motion 3-0-0


A Grafton County Sherriff’s Deputy was present at the start of the BOC meeting and officially served each of LWL Commissioner with a Civil Action Summons issued by the Town of Littleton (ToL) regarding the sale of property located at 90 Bishop Street. Upon further investigation, legal action was initiated by the ToL tax attorney in coordination with the town’s tax collector to clear the property title that LWL had previously filed a lien against for delinquent revenue. The subject property was forfeited due to an unpaid taxes debt and subsequently sold by the ToL.

Mr. Considine stated that LWL wrote off the 2018 delinquent revenue in accordance with arrears policy though the lien was still in effect attached to the property.

Commissioner Ross made a motion that LWL would release the property lien if needed if that would clear the matter up. Seconded by Commissioner Cooper

There was some discussion as to why LWL was not made aware of the pending action as the attorney must have conducted a title search prior to the sale of the property. Commissioner MacNeil stated that she would investigate this matter and report back to the BOC.

The vote was in favor of the motion 3-0-0


1. Mrs. Hogan reviewed the highlights of the financial statements for the month ended March 2023 with the Commissioners. Several variances as compared to the budget were discussed and explained by Mrs. Hogan.

Commissioner Cooper made a motion to approve the financial statements as presented, seconded by Commissioner Ross.

The vote was in favor of the motion 3-0-0.

2. Mrs. Hogan stated the Bank of New Hampshire asked if LWL would consider reducing the collateral limit regarding the sweep accounts from $5 million to $3 million (amount of funds that are invested under the repurchase sweep agreement). This reduction in the collateral limit should not affect LWL A/P operations or custodial credit risk.

Following some additional discussion Commissioner Cooper made a motion to approve the reduction in collateral as proposed by the bank and that LWL Treasurer’s be allowed to execute the agreement on behalf of LWL. Seconded by Commissioner Ross.

The vote was in favor of the motion 3-0-0

3. NH Retirement System recently notified LWL that effective July 1, 2023 the total employer percentage contribution rate will decrease slightly by about a half (1/2) a percent. This percentage represents a savings of about $7,000 annually for LWL.


1. The comments provided by NHDES regarding the final permitting of the Lafayette Well B were discussed. LWL is in discussion with Geosphere and they are addressing what they believe to be NHDES routine and standard questions following a review of a permit.

2. Several interviews have been scheduled regarding the replacement of the customer service representative in the front office. More than forty (40) resumes from interested persons have been received to date.


There being no further business to come before the board Commissioner Cooper made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Commissioner Ross.

The vote was in favor of the motion 3-0-0.

Meeting adjourned at 2:12 p.m.

The regularly scheduled Commissioner’s meeting is held twice monthly on the first and third Monday, at 1:00 p.m., in the Department’s conference room.

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