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Electricity: Safety Tips

Planning Ahead

Even the most reliable power service can be interrupted occasionally. Put matches, candles, flashlights and batteries where they're easily found in the dark. Also store water, non-perishable food, a first aid kit, and battery-operated radio where everyone can find them.

While Power is Off

Never try to fix a power interruption yourself - call us. Turn off all appliances to avoid damage from a power surge. Leave one light on to show when power resumes.

When Power Resumes

Reset clocks and check automatic alarms and timers. Plug in only essential items - wait 10 minutes before connecting the rest to let the electrical system stabilize. Restock emergency supplies.
Caution: If you have a standby generator.
If you use a generator, make sure it has a manual or automatic switch that disconnects it from main power lines. A generator that remains connected to main power lines can back-feed power into them, shocking unsuspecting utility workers.

When wires are down....

If a power line hits your car, stay inside unless the car catches fire. Then jump clear without touching metal and ground at the same time. Remember, - electricity will use you if you come in contact with it. If someone is touching a fallen power line, stay away. Call for emergency help when anything like this occurs. Don't try to rescue the victim. Efforts to pull a shock victim away could make you the next victim. Stay clear until you are sure the power is shut off.
Whenever you see a power line that has fallen to the ground or down, always assume it is "live", NEVER touch any power line that has fallen to the ground, even if you think it is safe. Report down lines immediately to us at (603) 444-2915. BEWARE, there are other ways that surges can enter your home, other than electrical wires.
Telephone and cable wires can also experience surges from lightning strikes, so take extra care to protect answering and fax machines, TVs, VCRs, and do not forget your computer and modem. Many surge suppressors available now do double duty by including protection for telephone, as well as, electrical connections.