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Minutes of Littleton Water and Light Meetings

The Board meets on the first and third Monday of each month. Meetings begin at 1:00 p.m. and are held in the department conference room at 65 Lafayette Ave, Littleton. Board meetings are open to the public and time is allotted for public comments at each meeting.

Minutes for 2023

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Regular Meeting Feb 6, 2023

The regularly scheduled business meeting of the Littleton Water and Light (LWL) Board of Commissioners (BOC) began at 1:00 p.m. on Monday,
February 6, 2023 in the LWL conference room. Present were Commissioner Peter Cooper, Commissioner Ralph Ross, Commissioner Linda MacNeil, and Superintendent Thomas Considine.


The minutes of the January 17, 2023 regularly scheduled Commissioners meeting were reviewed. Commissioner MacNeil made a motion to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Commissioner Ross.

The vote was in favor of the motion 3-0-0


Geosphere Environment owner and chief hydrogeologist Dr. Raymond Talkington discussed the water budget and cost overrun regarding permitting Lafayette Well B as a public groundwater drinking water source. The project was approved by the LWL BOC in 2019 in the amount of $186,300 for conducting the final permitting of a prospective public groundwater source rated at 200 GPM – 225 GPM. Dr. Talkington reviewed each of the task associated with the project and the cost overruns to date. The largest variant was the increase in expenses due to laboratory analysis and the physical 7-days pumping test fuel cost for the portable generator and the effect of inflation in everything else. Additionally, the NHDES tasked LWL to collect sample data in neighboring towns which is unusual and most likely due to staffing changes at the state level. Dr. Talkington is requesting and additional $35,074 to complete the project.

There was some general discussion and Dr. Talkington assured the BOC that he hopes to have the complete permit application to the NHDES in a couple of week and the final permit in May or June 2023.

Commissioner Ross inquired as to the water sample results with respect to changing EPA regulations. Dr. Talkington reviewed and discussed the laboratory sample results with the BOC. Though Iron and manganese are present they are well below the MCL and there were no Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) detected in the ground water sample taken. The well is rated for 200 GPM – 220 GPM and the state will not permit the capacity at 100%, it is expected that the permitted/allowable well yield will be about 170 GPM or 250,000 gallons per day (GPD).

Kevin Sorrell, LWL Chief Water Operator stated that the yield from Lafayette Well B when combined with the yield from the Brickyard Well (320 GPM) will exceed LWL daily demand of about 480,000 GPD (333 GPM winter operations).

There was some general discussion between the BOC and Dr. Talkington regarding current large groundwater well permitting. The BOC thanked him for his time and Dr. Talkington exited the meeting at around 2:00 pm


Commissioner Cooper asked about whether there were any power outage during last weekend below zero (0) temperature and severe wind chill.

Though the outside temperatures plummeted over the weekend to -25 degrees no power outages were reported. There were however several water services/meters that were reported frozen/broken on Saturday and Sunday which in LWL’s opinion were generally preventable.


1. Auditors from Vachon Clukay & Company PC are scheduled to be on-site the week of February 27th to conduct and audit of LWL financial records for the year ended 2022. Note: LWL must provide ISONE a draft audited financial statement by April 1st to insure good standing as a participant in the New England wholesale power supply market.

2. The draft P/L statement for the month ended December 2022 and several charts were provided and discussed with the BOC. The water division finished the year with a positive gross margin of about ten (10) percent while the electric division ended the year in a deficit position of 2.5%. For the year ended 2022 LWL operations realized a negative margin of about 1.7% or a cash shortfall of about $202,000. The December 2022 P/L will remain in draft format until the conclusion of the year ended audit to account for any auditor findings/adjustments.


1. There was some follow-up discussion about the needed funds to complete the NHDES permit for Lafayette Well B. Commissioner MacNeil made a motion to approve the additional funds requested by Geosphere Environment in the amount of $35,074 to cover the cost overruns, seconded by Commissioner Ross.

The vote was in favor of the motion 3-0-0

2. Commissioner MacNeil inquired if LWL’s 2022 Community Service (favors list) has been compiled? Superintendent Considine stated that the month ended December 2022 financial statement just closed in draft, we should be able to produce a tally.

3. Commissioner MacNeil asked about status of the LED replacement/upgrading of several fixtures on Main Street adjacent to the sidewalk in front of the theater? Superintendent Considine stated that the last he knew part were still outstanding.


There being no further business to come before the board Commissioner Ross made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Commissioner MacNeil.

The vote was in favor of the motion 3-0-0.

Meeting adjourned at 2:32 p.m.

The regularly scheduled Commissioner’s meeting is held twice monthly on the first and third Monday, at 1:00 p.m., in the Department’s conference room.

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