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Minutes of Littleton Water and Light Meetings

The Board meets on the first and third Monday of each month. Meetings begin at 1:00 p.m. and are held in the department conference room at 65 Lafayette Ave, Littleton. Board meetings are open to the public and time is allotted for public comments at each meeting.

Minutes for 2015

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Regular Meeting Jan 20, 2015

The regularly scheduled Board of Commissioners (BOC) meeting began at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 in the Littleton Water and Light Department (LWL) conference room. Present were Commissioner Perry Goodell, Commissioner Eddy Moore, Commissioner Ralph Ross, Financial Services Director Cheryl Wilkins and Superintendent Thomas Considine.


The minutes of the January 5, 2015 regularly scheduled Commissioners meeting were reviewed. Commissioner Moore made a motion to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Commissioner Ross.

The vote was in favor of the motion 3-0-0.


Mr. Michael Poisson, owner of property (rental) located at 17 Washington Street asked the BOC to reconsider the departmentís previous decision to remove this property from the 2015 Running Water Program (RWP).

Mr. Poisson stated that the property has always been on the RWP and questioned why it was not on the list this year. He alleges that a departmentís field technician told him that the water would freeze under the driveway and that he needs to leave the water running as it benefited the water system.

Superintendent Considine displayed the property map for the BOC to reference. He stated that an incident last year led to an investigation as to why this property was in the RWP. The conclusion reached by the department was that it did not benefit the water system as the equipment that typically froze belonged to the property owner and the owner was made aware at that time.

Mr. Poisson stated that he does not live in town, if he had been aware that it was his responsibility he would have addressed the problem, but asked the BOC that the property be allowed to remain on the RWP for this year and that he would address the problem in the spring.

Following some additional discussion the BOC agreed to reinstate the property located at 17 Washington Street to the RWP for 2015 with the understanding that this would be the final year, as it does not affect the overall water system and the property owner agreed to address the problem.

Mr. Poisson thanked the BOC for their consideration and excused himself from the meeting.


1. Mrs. Wilkins reviewed the financial statements for the month ended November 2014 with the Commissioners. Several discrepancies as compared to budget were discussed and explained by Mrs. Wilkins.

2. The year-end audit of the department financial records is scheduled to begin on Monday, February 9, 2015.


The BOC reviewed and discussed a comprehensive list of services that the department provided the town In-Lieu-of-Taxes. Services rendered by the department to the Town of Littleton, Chamber of Commerce, Parks and Recreation, etc. throughout 2014 totaled more than $ 74,000 that the department was not monetarily compensated for. The funds expended not only included in-kind soft costs services (labor) but also materials and other operating subsidies and costs needed to complete the requested task.


1. The BOC reviewed a bid offer submitted by Next Era Energy to provide the department a portion of its forward capacity and energy resource requirement for a five (5) year period beginning in May of 2018 for either a three (3) or (5) year term.

Superintendent Considine stated that ISONE have projected that the cost of capacity (available generation) may increase exponentially by 2017 as a direct result of generating plants being taken out of service for various reasons, such as Vermont Yankee.

It is not known at this time as to the impact that the USEPAís proposed carbon-dioxide emissions reduction rules will have on the wholesale capacity market and production. Current market costs are about $ 3/ kw-month and are projected to increase to $8 - $9/ kw-month. Transmission service costs are also expected to be affected by the lack of available generating capacity by 2018 and costs are projected to increase about 30% to 50%.

The Next Era offer would hedge the department risk exposure to spot market fluctuation at about 50% throughout the term (June 1, 2018 Ė May 31, 2023) of the deal.

Following some additional discussion Commissioner Ross made a motion to accept the Next Era Energy offer for 9 MW of Capacity linked with the 5 MW energy component for a five (5) year period beginning in May of 2018. Seconded by Commissioner Moore.

The vote was in favor of the motion 3-0-0.

Superintendent Considine stated that he would report back to the BOC when final details have been worked out as the future commodities market sets the energy component hourly pricing at the time the deal is struck.

2. Casella Waste Management has plans to install methane generation at their Bethlehem Landfill site. Casella working through La Capra, made an inquiry into whether the LWL would be interested in working with them on developing the project. A long term capital renewable energy program and increasing the department renewable energy portfolio would be the goal.

The BOC agreed that they would listen to Casellaís business plan with regard to the proposed project. Providing it made good economic sense, the business plan was fiscally responsible and in the best interest of LWL customers they would keep the departmentís options open. The BOC agreed that they would be specifically interested in their business plan/ model, timeline, energy/ capacity costs and impact to the department.


Commissioner Moore made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by
Commissioner Ross.

The vote was in favor of the motion 3-0-0.

Meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m.

The regularly scheduled Commissionerís meeting is held twice monthly on the first and third Monday, at 1:00 p.m., in the Departmentís conference room.

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