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Minutes of Littleton Water and Light Meetings

The Board meets on the first and third Monday of each month. Meetings begin at 1:00 p.m. and are held in the department conference room at 65 Lafayette Ave, Littleton. Board meetings are open to the public and time is allotted for public comments at each meeting.

Minutes for 2013

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Regular Meeting Jul 1, 2013

The regularly scheduled Board of Commissioners (BOC) meeting began at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, July 01, 2013 in the Littleton Water and Light Department (LWL) conference room. Present were Commissioner Eddy Moore, Commissioner Ralph Ross, Financial Services Director Cheryl Wilkins and Superintendent Thomas Considine.


The minutes of June 17, 2013 regularly scheduled Commissioners meeting were reviewed. Commissioner Ross made a motion to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Commissioner Moore.

The vote was in favor of the motion 2-0-0.


1. Mrs. Wilkins reviewed the financial statements for the month ended April 2013 and May 2013 with the Commissioners. Several discrepancies as compared to budget were discussed and explained by Mrs. Wilkins.

2. The department asked the NHDES if a penalty or any other adverse action would be levied against the department if the department chose to pay off the remainder of the State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan for the slow sand filtration facility. At a previous Commissioners meeting (May 6, 2013) the BOC discussed whether or not it was feasible of paying off the SRF loan early. 3.98% interest is being charged as a condition of SRF loan and it may make economic sense to pay off the loan early, but since the original SRF loan included grant funding and other forgiveness incentives more research was required.

Mrs. Wilkins had a telephone discussion with Richard Skarinka (NHDES SRF Program administrator) that stated that there are no early payoff penalties and the department would be entitled to the remainder of the grant funding and forgiveness as it was part of the original loan agreement. Notice would have to be given the NHDES declaring the departmentís intent to pay off the loan early.

NHDES would then most likely budget the departmentís recoupment (grant and forgiveness entitlement) over the subsequent budget years as NHDES has already submitted their 2014-2015 budgets in accordance with the amortization schedule of the original loan.

The BOC decided to table further discussion and plans to revisit the SRF loan pay off discussion during the departmentís 2014 budget process.

3. Superintendent Considine asked that the BOC sign off on the NHDES FY-2014 certification and application for the SRF grant distribution. By signing the application the department declares that it is still fully eligible to recoup grant funds under original SRF agreement for the filtration facility. Commissioner Moore executed the application on behalf of the BOC.


1. Severe weather events are still having a direct impact on department infrastructure as overtime expenditures for both the electric and water divisions are over the fiscal budget projections. A suspected lightning strike in the proximity of Pine Hill (Oak Hill tank) and another in the vicinity of the Railroad Street chlorinator damaged equipment at both sites. The chart recorders and FM radio/ SCADA system were damaged at both locations and will need at a minimum to be repaired if not totally replaced.

2. Construction to replace the injection vault at Trudeau Road is scheduled for this week. The size of the existing vault (pit) is much too small and due to the number of chemical injection port contained within is potentially unsafe for employees to conduct proper maintenance activities inside the pit. The new vault will be considerably larger (inside and out), the work space will allow employees full access to equipment contained inside and is expected to improve working conditions, especially during a trouble call.

3. Superintendent Considine stated that he physically walked the property along the river behind the Lafayette office (referred by the Town of Littleton as the Oxbow) with a hydro-geologist last week with regard to a groundwater feasibility study. The property has not been previously studied and no opinion has been given as to whether or not this property has any ground water potential.

Geographically the site is well suited in regard to the distribution systems hydraulic gradient, supporting infrastructure and owned by the Town of Littleton. The feasibility report from the hydro-geologist is forthcoming.


1. Commissioner Moore stated that PSNHís request for a zoning variance at the Foster Hill substation has been continued until PSNH can provide further documentation and clarity with regard to the impact on the neighborhood. No decision was rendered by the Zoning Board and the case was continued until July 9, 2013.

2. Commissioner Ross asked about the pending power supply procurement. Superintendent Considine stated that futures market prices are still falling and that he is expecting a preliminary projection from La Capra this week. As a direct result of falling power prices, there doesnít appear to be an immediate rush to execute the departmentís procurement strategy prior to the holidays.


Commissioner Ross made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by
Commissioner Moore.

The vote was in favor of the motion 3-0-0.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

The regularly scheduled Commissionerís meeting is held twice monthly on the first and third Monday, at 1:00 p.m., in the Departmentís conference room.

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