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Net Energy Metering Policy

Rate Schedule: NM

AVAILABILITY: Net energy metering shall be made available to eligible customer generators that own and operate a solar, wind, farm methane, fuel cell, or hydro-electric generation facility on the customer's premises within the service territory of the Littleton Water and Light Department (the "Department").

Net energy metering is available on a first-come, first-serve basis until the Department's allowable connected generation capacity is reached in accordance with section 5 of the Department's Interconnection Rules and Regulations for Net Metering Systems (Rules).

The customer's aggregate generation per premises shall not exceed the allowable kilowatts as shown in Table 5-1 of the Rules.

PURPOSE: The net energy metering system is located on the customer's premises, is interconnected, and operates in parallel with the electric grid. The primary intent of net energy metering and customer owned and operated electric generation facility is to offset a portion or all of the Customer's power supply requirement. Net energy metering systems are not "wholesale Power generators." The LWL shall only give a kilowatt hour credit to eligible energy usage in accordance with the Rules as long as the customer is in compliance with all applicable Federal, state and local law, policy, statutes, this document or other applicable regulations that are relative to the safety, design, installation, construction and operations or any other aspect of an approved net energy metering system.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The customer is responsible for all applicable fees and charges for energy (kWh) consumption as recorded through the Department's billing meter (provided by the Department) in accordance with the Departments electric rate tariff and applicable rate schedule.

The customer is responsible for all costs in addition to what is typically provided by the Department for retail electric service.

The Department is responsible for managing the data provided by the customer's electric-generation facility in accordance with this schedule and the Rules.

The Department will apply a credit to the customers account for electric energy, measured in kilowatt hours (kWh), and delivered to the Department's distribution system in accordance with this schedule.

METERING: The Department will furnish, install, maintain, and own all metering equipment at the billing meter point of attachment. The Department will provide at no cost to the net energy metering customer what is normally provided to non-net energy metering customers at no cost in the applicable rate schedule for retail electric service. The cost of net energy metering equipment that is in addition to what is normally provided by the Department is the responsibility of the customer.

A bi-directional watt-hour electric meter (or two (2) single-directional meters, if applicable) will be installed at the customer's location to measure the energy consumed (by the customer) and the energy delivered to the Department's distribution system.

BILLING: Typical billing period is monthly. There is approximately thirty (30) days between meter reading cycles/ periods.

The customer will be charged for all electric service used and other applicable fees in accordance with the appropriate rate schedule that the customer would normally incur on a monthly basis.

If the customer delivers any electricity, measured in kWh, to the Department's distribution system (NM Energy) in any month, a credit will be issued to the customer. The credit will be determined as follows:

NM Energy Credit = kWh (delivered) x Department's retail supply (energy only) rate.

The credit will be applied on that customer's bill as an offset to the wholesale (power supply) portion of the customer's unbundled charges, as invoiced by the Department.

If the credit earned exceeds the power supply charges for the then-current billing period, the remaining credit shall be carried forward to the next billing period and then applied in accordance with this paragraph. All credits shall expire annually on December 31st and no compensation will be due to the customer.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES: Each net energy metering account will incur a meter and billing (typical account management fee/ overhead) charge as determined by the Department.

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